Motherboard Monitor

Motherboard Monitor 5.3

Developer Alexander van Kaam

This program will try to access one or more of the following chips: LM75, LM78, LM78-j, LM79, LM80...

Motherboard Monitor Languages

Motherboard Monitor Languages 5.0

Developer Alexander van Kaam

DS18x Temperature Logging Service

DS18x Temperature Logging Service 1.3

Developer MR Soft Tmi

This program logs temperature measurements from the 1-Wire temperature sensors.

Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter 2.0


Easy Temperature Converter(Celsius,Fahrenheit,Kelvin,Rankine).


Motherboard Temperature


PaveCool 2.4

Developer Minnesota Department of Transportation

Provides information to make rapid decisions regarding cool-weather paving.

Datapaq Insight EasyTrack

Datapaq Insight EasyTrack 5.0

Developer Datapaq Limited

Excellent for quick, accurate and economical temperature profiling.

Battery Status

Battery Status 1.1

Developer Thomasm M. Talpey

View the battery charge, CPU speed/load/temperature, and hard disk temperature.

Core Temp

Core Temp 1.0

Developer Arthur Liberman

Core Temp is intended to monitor your CPU's temperature.

HDD Temperature Enterprise

HDD Temperature Enterprise 1.0

Developer PalickSoft

Enterprise hard-drive temperature monitoring software for corporate networks.

3M Temperature Logger

3M Temperature Logger 4.0

Developer 3M Company

3M Temperature Logger is a software which handles the device.

TLB MotherBoard Monitor plugin

TLB MotherBoard Monitor plugin 1.0

Developer TrueSoft


ThSim 2.1

Developer Markus Greither

A simulation program for evaluating thermal conduction in solid material.

Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor 3.3

Developer Argotronic UG

Argus Monitor is an app for monitoring your PC hardware devices.


ExChart 1.0

Developer Extech Instruments

Software for RH520A: Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder with Detachable Probe.


Motherboard Temperature


Reeco 1.0

Developer Reeco

Reeco software is designed to work for Re-Ra-250e station.

Antenna Noise Temperature Calculator

Antenna Noise Temperature Calculator 2.7

Developer Petra Galuscakova

Antenna Noise Temperature Calculator program works with new algorithm.



Developer KOOLTRAK

KOOLTRAK manufactures temperature data loggers and data acquisition software.

Motherboard - Marvell 91XX Driver

Motherboard - Marvell 91XX Driver 1.0

Developer Marvell

IPI DewPoint Calculator

IPI DewPoint Calculator 4.1

Developer T & D Corporation

It generates dew-point temperature from the temperature/humidity data channels.

CompnTemp Demo

CompnTemp Demo 1.1

Developer Curt Palm PhotoSoft

It use a USB temperature probe to monitor developer temperature.

My Body Temperature

My Body Temperature 1.1

Developer My Health Software

Monitor your temperature and print reports with this useful program.

All MotherBoard Speed Changer

All MotherBoard Speed Changer 6.3

Developer Gms Software Networks Presents

MotherBoard Drivers Download Utility

MotherBoard Drivers Download Utility 3.3


A motherboard is the main printed circuit board found in technological systems.

Desktop Temperature Monitor

Desktop Temperature Monitor 1.2

Developer Desktop Temperature Monitor

It helps you monitor the current temperature right on your desktop.

Local Temperature

Local Temperature 1.0

Developer Local Temperature LLC

It displays the current temperature for your area in your desktop tray.